voices on the avenue

Voices on The Avenue caters for all our adult singers.

Both men and women are welcome to join us as we sing together once a week for an hour and a half. 

The main philosophy of our Choir is that everybody can sing and we all have a voice to be listened too.

As with our musical partners, Eliette’s Music Academy and the New Zealand Girls Choir we believe that music is to be enjoyed by all and that music is good for our soul and our general well-being.   

It’s our mission to see music as a life long companion.  Music will aways be there for you, no matter at what stage of your life or in what mood you may be. It will be there for you in the happy times and the more challenging times.

Our repertoire are songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and from the new millennium from The Eagles to Pink and Anastasia to Ed Sheehan and Adele. The aim to keep the repertoire light and current.

The hardest step is often the first one, but once you experience a practice session we guarantee you will be back. All you have to do is take the step and join us on a Tuesday evening from 7:30pm to 9pm.

class timetable: 

tuesday's 7:30pm - 9pm

location: 6/28 The Avenue, Albany

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