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Eliette roslin - CEO

Eliette Roslin started her career in the Australian Girls Choir at the age of 5 and from there she grew to love music, singing and performance. In 2005 she featured on the "I Still Call Australia Home" Qantas Ad and performed regularly with the choir at many public events. 

Throughout school Eliette was heavily involved in all aspects of the arts from drama, music and dance. She continued her studies when she moved to Amsterdam at the age of 18 to train with Setske Mostaert and Karin Bloemen. She then moved to Sydney, age 19, to study at the Australian Institute of Music and completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Performance, Majoring in Vocals. She released her EP, "Black Kisses" in 2016 and continues to write music.

It was with much excitement and anticipation when Eliette launched The New Zealand Girls Choir. It was something she wanted to do for a long time as she wanted to bring the pleasure she had from a young age when she was singing in choirs, to girls from all ages.

Eliette is a great believer in the Orff style of teaching and in the way it brings music to young people. Orff is unique in the way that it brings music, movement, drama and speech and is able to take away the barrier that so often exists between teaching and learning.

The New Zealand Girls Choir’s repertoire is aimed at modern POP music. We want to sing music the girls already know, understand and connect with and artists like Katy Perry or Adele are high on the list. Why not sing songs the girls love and sing in the back of the car, it makes total sense to NZGC. 

To Eliette, everyone can sing with the correct support and education and she is thoroughly excited to see the New Zealand Choir grow

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Vesa Luma is a singer, songwriter and a performer from Albania (Europe). Vesa was discovered as an artist, in her early age. She has participated in many children’s festivals and song contests as a singer. At the same time, from the age of 8, she studied the flute.

Since completing her Music Professional School in Kosovo, Vesa has participated in the television series "Ethet", an Albanian version of "Pop Idol". She was very successful at the contest, making it to the TOP 3 in live final shows. 

After the "Ethet", Vesa's career began to grow. She has released 2 studio albums, 19 music videos, won more then 20 music awards in her country and performed more then 200 concerts around the world. She has also contributed to various charities. 

After a very successful career, Vesa was chosen to be a Judge and a mentor on the well known TV series “X Factor” in Albania. She was also part of “ Dancing with the Stars”  making it to the Top 5.

Besides her music career, Vesa has also had a career in the Television Industry. She was a TV Presenter for several years and produced her own TV Show in Kosovo. Being part of the television and music industry at the same time helped her to build her confidence on the stage.

Leea Madelyn New Zealand Girls Choir


Leea Madelyn is an Auckland based singer/songwriter and teacher who has a passion for bringing out the performer in people of all ages. 

After completing her Bachelor of Music at The University of Auckland, Leea continues to perform with various musicians from different genres. She's completed courses in Kodaly and Lynn Kleiner's Music Rhapsody.

Leea gains inspiration from the eclectic styles she has studied and collaborated on throughout her many years of performing. She uses elements of those styles to give each student a creative experience for every lesson. 

Jasmine Butler-Reeves - choir teacher NZGC

Jasmine Butler-Reeves - Choir Teacher

Being a singer from an early age, Jasmine has always had a life long passion for creativity and music but it wasn’t until she began studying a Bachelor of Musical Arts at the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand in 2015 that her passion transcended onto playing the piano and songwriting. 

Jasmine has been involved in a wide range of musical projects from completing an Auckland wide high school tour in 2016 and being the front man for several bands covering numerous genres to being a session pianist and vocalist for multiple recording artists. 

Jasmine now strives to inspire the younger generation into having a life long love for learning, performing and creating music.